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Team Coaching

I work with a select number of senior teams each year who are willing and committed to look deeply at how they work together and take on the challenge of becoming more than the sum of their parts.

The job of the team coach and facilitator is to make things easier – to bring ease to difficult circumstances, so that new energy and new possibilities can be explored, or to help high performers to supercharge their efforts as a collective.

Trouble in a team or a relationship can be a very useful portal to new levels of engagement & performance – if worked with skillfully. Supporting all voices, and all perspectives, and making room for the marginalised allows new life and new potential to unfold.

Sometimes a lack of trouble is the problem – things are just a bit too cosy. Cordial hypocrisy rules the day. I have a knack for creating useful trouble – and the skills to keep everyone safe when things get interesting! I pay a forensic level of attention to the signals that the system is sending and work with everyone involved to bring the vision into being.

There is no great performance in any field of endeavour without consistent warm-ups, sufficient rehearsal, smart practice, and intensive debriefs. Creating the right structures for the team is as important as working on the culture – I help teams to design both for their unique challenges. With a focus on doing real work, in real-time, I offer a broad suite of tools, models, and solutions to help teams perform, from one-day offsites to year-long development programmes.

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How we can work together

All team work is bespoke, based on a thorough diagnosis of where the team are and what the operating context requires of them.

Team Diagnostics

Using the Leadership Profile CLA, the best-in-class team instrument to assess team impact and potential

Team retreats

Creating bespoke offsite events to hold space for teams to connect, align and strategise

Team rehearsals

Designing curated time to preparation and practice ahead of high-profile events

Ongoing team coaching

In the room, when the heat is on, just-in-time coaching to help the best get better

“Teaming” skills

Helping everyone in the team to upgrade their team leadership capabilities